Glenn is a versatile and talented musician with a large repertoire of songs and music styles.  He can play classical music to the classics—oldies, rock n roll, ballads, country, jazz–his voice even taking on some of the characteristics of the artist he is performing.  He is very good, whether performing with electronic backup or simple acoustic style.  I have hired Glenn twice now, and each time the audience has raved about his musicality, his voice, and his variety.  He is prompt, professional, and friendly.  I highly recommend Glenn Smith for any musical setting – you won’t be disappointed.

Louise Ceccarelli – Outdoor Resorts Social Director

I saw Glenn at a resort out in Borrego during New Years Eve weekend.  I enjoyed him so much, he has such a terrific voice and was the ultimate one man band.  I felt that he was one of the best musicians I ever heard in my life.  He played 2 hours straight and played all my favorites.  No one would ever be disappointed in his talent and awesome voice.


Hi Glenn, we talked briefly after mass at St. Francis Chappel in Warner Springs.  Just wanted to again express our pleasure in your entertainment in the “Canitna”at Warner Springs Ranch the evening before.  Your vocal range and guitar playing are amazing!  We gave your name and number to a club down the road and gave you a wonderful endorsement.  At any rate,good luck to you and I hope to see you again in the future.  Wonderful music!!!

Jerry Henn – Harbor City

From a bar managers point of view, Glenn provides a feel good experience that is filled with music you know by heart.  He does an excellent job of getting the audience involved and leaving everyone with the feeling that they’ve had a great time.

Andy Macuga – Manager, Carlee’s Place – Borrego Springs

Glenn is awesome.  He made our event!  Thanks Glenn for being there for us!  We had so many great remarks about Glenn’s talent.

Robert Bradley – Owner, Ramona Family Naturals

You are amazing!  Your versatility is incredible!  You can play anything, (except Old 55 – ha, ha)  Would love to listen to you over and over!  Thanks again.



Jimmy James – Valley Center

Nobody drops the acoustic beats like you.  I am in loooove!!!  And Tom Petty would be proud!!!

Mackenzie Barnett – Valley Center

You were an absolute pleasure to listen to and you made our dinner experience so very enjoyable.  Thanks so much.




Glenn – Great songs.  All the songs we love!!  Awesome, awesome voice!!  You kick a##!!


Glenn and Jennifer, Brilliant, absolutely awesome!  Thank you so much – would have stayed for a double encore, but 13 year old was antsy and I said “just one more” five times ago.  Will get you back for sure!  Good night and cheers to you!

James –  Director-Ranch Resorts  

Glenn – Great talent!!  Great voice!!  Would love to know when and where you will be performing next!


Glenn and Jennifer, your last show at Wynola Pizza was probably the best we’ve seen there ~ great music and great fun!  We think this is a great venue for you.  We hope to see you there again soon.  Best wishes to you and your family.

Dave and Nancy Harding  

You have a wonderful range!

Bill Remsen

Absolutely fabulous! Loved it!

Julianne North –

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    Had the pleasure of being at Carlee’s on just the right night. Our group if right Oregonians sittin right in front


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